Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Product review: SL3S compression sleeves

I'm super excited to write my very first product review!  I was asked by SL3S to review their adorable butterfly compression sleeves.  I chose pink--of course--and I can't say enough about how cute they are!  My other compression sleeves are plain black, so I welcomed the color change.  These sleeves also come in azure (blue), violet and teal.

photo from SL3S website

I've used the sleeves a total of three times since I received them: for two runs (6 and 5 miles respectively) and for a boot camp class.  I typically only wear compression sleeves on runs longer than 7-8 miles, but I was anxious to try these out, so I went ahead put them on for my six-mile run with Allison this past Sunday.  As most of you know, I have had the worst luck with my calves.  I've suffered from multiple calf strains/tears over the past year or two, most recently in June.  I've worked with a physical therapist to fix my gait as well as strengthen my calves.  Many people with calf issues like mine like to run in sleeves for the additional support they give you.   Every since I've gotten back into running after my summer injury, I start every run with a fear that I will feel that dreaded "pop" again.  But on Sunday, with the SL3S sleeves on, I felt truly confident every step of the way!  I was able to relax and just enjoy the run, and not think about the "what-if's."  

I wore the sleeves again on Monday night to boot camp. I go to Power Train Fitness in Westerville once or twice a week.  Boot camp seriously kicks my booty each and every time!  The hardest part for me is the jumping.  Squat jumps, split squat jumps, box jumps... I feel like a weakling each and every time I try to jump for any amount of time.  I wondered if wearing compression might help a bit.  I'm happy to report that I definitely felt stronger wearing my sleeves!  This might all be mental, but I'm not one to dismiss anything that makes me feel better.

Finally, this morning I wore the sleeves on my five-mile "donut run" with a big group of mamas from Westerville.  I got a few compliments on how cute they were (even at 5 AM when it's still very dark out!), and I again felt super when I was running with them on.  In fact, I think compression sleeves are going to be a part of my every day running wardrobe from this point forward!  

A few other specifics about the sleeves:

FIT: I requested a size S/M (my calf circumference is 14.5").  This size fit me perfectly.  

FEEL:  I love that these were thin but still offered a ton of support.  My other compression sleeves are a bit thicker, so I tend to get hot when I wear them.  

APPEARANCE: Already discussed this, but they are sooooo cute!

VALUE: These sleeves run at $44.95/pair.  I think that is on par with other sleeves... but if you use the discount code MRTT40, you can get them for 40% off!  That makes them under $27... definitely a steal!  Here is the link to purchase them: 

The only thing I would change about these sleeves is the butterflies... I'd add MORE of them.  They are so freaking cute!  I am planning on getting a pair of the teal ones as well :)

So what's even BETTER than a discount?  How about a free pair of the butterfly compression sleeves or socks?!!  Click below to enter the raffle and win a pair for yourself!  Consider this your reward for reading to the end of my blog ;)

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