Monday, May 30, 2016

Baby-stepping right along...

It has been 44 days since my last run (and I am not counting that one attempt with Tamara two days before my injury was diagnosed, as it was 0.24 miles--but if I were counting, 42 days).  For some reason, it doesn't feel like it has been as long as the time that I was off last year for injuries (49 days).  I think that is mostly due to the fact that I am in no rush to start running again.  My running partners are chomping at the bit to get me back out there with them.  Don't get me wrong, I miss the time we spent together, but do I miss running right now?  Nope.  I am perfectly content with walking.  

Yes, WALKING! I am walking!  I saw Dr. Dick again on May 18th for my 4-week follow-up.  She was again very pleased with my progress, and said that I could continue with partial weight-bearing and work towards walking again.  I spent the next week using one crutch (I got super fast at "walking" with one crutch, and it opened up a whole new world as I could carry things again!), and every day I added in a bit more walking without the crutch.  My first day without using crutches at all was on May 25th.  It was an easy day for me as I had a professional development for work (read: sit on my butt for most of the day), so it was a good day to start walking again.  Yesterday (May 29th) I asked my neighbor if she'd go on a walk with me.   She's been walking our neighborhood so I knew she'd be in.  We did our "little loop" (it's around 0.6 miles) twice.  I was tickled with my 1.24 miles in under 19 minutes!  

I am feeling good, overall.  I don't have any pain, which is a good thing. I do feel achy at times.  That's when I take a step back and try to sit a bit more.  I think it's my body's way of reminding me that I need to take this recovery sloooooowly.  I am ever so grateful that I am able to walk now, that's for sure!  Also, I was able to get in the water on Saturday for my first open water swim of the season!  It was COLD... 63 degrees!  Thank goodness for my wet suit, although sleeves would have been nice.  Actually, once I started going, it wasn't too awful.  I did 2 lengths of Alum Creek "Beach" with Carrie, and 2 more with Robin, for a total of about 2400 yards (1.5 miles).  I was reminded how much more I prefer open water swimming to pool swimming.  The waves from the jet skis nearby weren't fun, but I love just swimming, not having to think about anything but where the buoys are. I have an open water swimming race on June 25th. I am supposed to do the 1 mile swim, but I may bump it up to 2 miles if I'm feeling good that day.  

Right now, that's the only race on my schedule. I am trying to not dwell on the upcoming triathlon season, but it's hard.  I was really looking forward to the races that I had planned.  I am hoping to get out on my bike very soon (I am now cleared for easy cycling), and perhaps I will find an Aqua-Bike race to do later on this summer... or at least another open water race.

Of course, I have been thinking about the long-term.  I know what I should NOT do, and that is rush into another marathon.  As much as I want to qualify for Boston in the near future (as in this fall), I can't let myself do it.  Not yet.  I see myself perhaps trying to do a 5K race in the late fall (e.g. November)... maybe a half in the spring.  I also see myself turning into a year-round triathlete... meaning, not really running a ton, but training for all three disciplines.  This might be the best way for me to stay-injury free.  I would love a year without injuries.  These are just my wandering thoughts... nothing is set in stone, nor will it be for awhile.  Right now, I'm honoring the recovery, loving the walk, grateful for it all. 

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  1. I admire your strength. You are doing the smart thing by listening to your doctor, as hard as it is to not run . hang in there.