Thursday, July 6, 2017

Keeping things interesting

Just when training seemed to be going along as well as could be expected, life throws yet another curveball my way.  Literally the day that I posted my last blog, things became a bit more interesting (again) in the saga of Marcie's running career... and not in a good way.  I'd actually typed up that blog entry the day before, and posted it after I got home from my long run for the week, which I'd done on a Wednesday due to the fact that I was doing the Mingoman triathlon that weekend.  (quick tangent--I ended up not doing the race as it was changed less than 24 hours before the race to a duathlon due to high water in the lake, and I decided along with my coach that it wasn't in my best interest to race it.)

That long run gave me two gifts, neither one of them nice.  The first was an little chafe spot between my legs that was pretty irritating, but only for a few days.  Chafe goes away fast, thankfully.  The second was the real prize... an acute case of plantar fasciitis.  About a year and a half ago, I was first introduced to this not-so-wonderful ailment when I tried out a new brand of shoes.  That time, it was in my right foot and was a bit slower to start, but once it came on, it was a presence for a good solid two months.  Either I've gotten soft, or it wasn't as severe a case the first time.  Right now, my left heel and/or arch is almost always hurting.  Thanks to the first time around, I know all of the "tricks" to treating this annoying injury.  I've got the spiky ball to roll it on, the frozen water bottles, the night splint, the compression sleeves... and my ace in the hole, my chiropractor, who is working on it twice a week.  The technique he uses (Graston) is really the only proven way to actually get rid of PF, but it's more painful than natural childbirth in my opinion.  I have to bring a towel to scream into while he does his magic, no joke. 

I was able to run through the ache of PF last time around, without having to take off more than one or two runs (and those were after a race).  It's been 15 days, and I am at the point where I am dreading my runs, as I know that my foot will hurt.  It's not warming up in the first mile or two like it did before, either.

Unfortunately, nothing is really helping with the pain (ibuprofen does dull the ache a tad).  So, as I said, either I'm being a wimp this time around, or my PF in my left foot is worse than it was in my right.  Either way, my chiropractor and my coach agree that it's time to give it a rest... a short one, at least.  We are all hoping that a week off from running will be exactly what my foot needs.  

On the positive side of things, swimming and cycling don't bother my foot in the least.  In fact, it always feels better after I ride, so I'm allowed to continue these two activities.  It's a good thing, as I have a "little" race in just over three weeks!  I've been assured by everyone that a week off from running isn't a bit deal at this point in my training, and I know this is true (although it's still hard to take time off).

Meanwhile, I will be riding most of the half-Ironman course this weekend, and I'm super excited about that.  I love long rides!  And hopefully the next time I blog, I will have awesome news about how great my foot is feeling. 


  1. I've had graston for PF in the past and would have to agree it is about as painful as natural childbirth! The "screaming into a towel" is no exaggeration...but it does help break up the PF! Hang in there!

    1. Thank you! How long did your PF last for?