Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Taper Madness

T-minus 11 days until my first full marathon ever, and yes, the madness of taper has struck.  For a half-marathon, I typically do a 10-12 day taper.  For a full, most people recommend 2-3 weeks of tapering.  I know I respond well to tapering, based on years of swimming as well as the previous races I've done, so it's a necessary step that I won't skip.  

That being said, it is a huge mental step for me to drop in my miles.  Last week I did 30 miles.  This week it will only be around 16.  Next week probably 10-12 (until the day of the race of course).  It's not easy to be running 35-40 miles per week and then all of a sudden decrease that by 50-75%.  I run for my "me" time, as well as to enjoy time with my friends, so I'm missing out on those things as well.  

Today was the first Wednesday that I haven't ran in over two months.  I have grown to love embrace the hills that we run at 4:30 AM.  I chose to take today off for three reasons: one, I'm on spring break (at last!), and I didn't need to get up at 4:00 AM since I didn't have to be at work today.  Two, I'm on taper and hill repeats aren't recommended.  And three, probably the most important reason: I am tweaky.   No, not twerky LOL... tweaky.  A tweak is what runners call their minor aches and pains.  We get random tweaks every now and then, some runners more than others.  I fortunately have escaped most tweaks during this training cycle. Of course, now that am resting, they start.  One in particular has me concerned.  It is on my left tibula (outer shin area) slightly below my patella (knee cap).  It is a spot that is sore to the touch, but not when I walk or run.  Weird, I know.  I got very concerned about it when I first discovered it on Monday after my run.  Taking the advice of friends, I decided a couple of days of rest couldn't hurt.  

So just now, I was sitting here icing my shin, and I decided to check out my other leg (the good one).  I felt around the same spot that I have my little tweak, and what do you know?  It's tender on my right leg too!  I am super stoked about that.  You might be thinking, "This is one crazy lady; she's excited about pain?!"  I'm excited that it's in the same spot on the opposite leg.  This means that it's very likely just an overuse tweak, and nothing serious.  Also, I've been alternating between two pairs of my favorite shoes (Mizuno Wave Inspire 9's).  One has about 150 miles on them; they're the ones I'll run my race in.  The other has over 300 miles. I *always* retire (stop using) my shoes by 300, often before.  I'm thinking that there's a good chance that my pain could be due to the shoes needing to be retired. 

In sum... yes, taper is driving me batty.  I just need to go out for a run!  And I will do just that with my friends tomorrow morning.  Nice and easy, saving these legs for what lies ahead.  My next post will discuss everything about my race (goals, course map, plans, etc.).  Stay tuned!

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  1. HA! Twerky...

    Keep calm and taper on? There's NOTHING calm about taper!
    Hang in there. It will be go time before you know it. :)