Sunday, December 27, 2015

Training recap: week of 12/21-12/27

Week 3:

Monday 12/21--

AM: Fantasy of Lights run!  This was super-fun!  5 miles total running through the amazing display of lights.  I did the first mile with Theresa for her warm-up for her speedwork, and then dropped back and ran the rest with Tamara and Allison. Overall pace: 8:28.  We had trouble slowing down!  It was a bit misty out, but overall the weather was just perfect. 

PM: Boot Camp at Power Train.  Big group tonight--Allison and her neighbor Audra came, as well as Sharon!  We had a great time working out. 

Tuesday 12/22--met Allison at the rec center for a swim.  Typically I can't swim on weekday mornings as the pool isn't open til 6, and I have to be at work before 7.  With winter break, however, I could make it happen!  We chatted more than we swam, so I only got in a mile, but it felt good to stretch out my heel.  My PF always feels better after a swim.

Wednesday 12/23--6 miles with the old Lewis Center crew (my "book club" LOL).  This was a reunion run, as the group seldom gets together to run anymore.  It was good to see everyone together again!  Overall pace: 8:42.

Thursday 12/24--4 easy solo miles in my 'hood.  Wasn't planned as a solo run, but it was good to breathe.  This was the first run in ages where I didn't feel even one single iota of PF tightness/discomfort... not sure why, but it was nice. Overall pace: 9:00.  

Friday 12/25--rest day--Merry Christmas!

Saturday 12/26--14 miles with Amy and Allison L.!  Lori joined us for the first 7.  I love these ladies and I felt good during the run.  Heel pain was very minimal during the run (sore after, but lots of icing and mobility/stretching exercises throughout the day helped a ton).  Overall pace: 8:57.  The first several miles were right on track, but we sped up slightly at the end.

Sunday 12/27--14.5 miles on the bike at the gym.  I still don't have my trainer set up, and I need to get my bike adjusted at the Trek store.  Felt tired of making excuses, though, so headed to the gym to get in some miles.  Overall pace: 17.4 mph.  Nice and sweaty! 

Total running miles for the week: 29
Total cross-training workouts: 3 (yay!)

Other miscellaneous notes:

Big week/month for me... highest miles for a week (29) and for a month (over 100!) since March!  I'm happy to report that I feel good.  As long as I keep up with my stretching and icing, I can deal with the PF.  I saw my physical therapist, Jenny, on Wednesday this week.  Love her!  She's a runner so it's fun to "talk shop" with her.  She did a few glute strength tests and was disappointed that I haven't kept up on my exercises... she said that having an injury makes me more prone to other injuries, like PF.  Ugh.  Hooked me up to a machine for iontophoresis, where electrical current ran through my foot from my achilles down to my heel.  It was tingly, but that's about it.  But maybe it helped on Thursday, when I felt really good?  Who knows... she did some soft tissues massage as well.  I see her on Tuesday this week and she's doing to do another gait analysis. 

On Christmas Day Joe gave me his Visa card to buy my gift--a new Garmin! I've been eyeing the 910xt, which is a triathlon watch. It will track my swims and my bikes as well as my runs.  I can't wait til it arrives!

Big news today: I finally hit the "register" button for Glass City!  The price goes up in a few days, but only by $10. I contemplated waiting another month or two, but I decided to bite the bullet.  

The upcoming week is a recovery week for me. I've put one in every 3 weeks in this training plan.  Goal is easy miles, and a bit lower mileage.  Looking forward to running with friends as well as cross training a bit.  

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