Sunday, December 13, 2015

Training recap (week of 12/7-12/13)

Each Saturday or Sunday during marathon training, I plan on writing a brief recap of the workouts that I did for the previous week.  This is mostly for me, just to see how things are going throughout my training cycle.

Week 1:

Monday 12/7--
AM: 5 miles at 5 AM with Jess.  This was the first of what Jess and I plan on being many, many Monday 5@5er's in her 'hood in Dublin. Actually, they'll eventually be a bit longer than 5 miles, so we will have to start earlier (UGH!).  Overall pace: 8:38.  This felt okay... I hated how dark the path was, so I need to get a stronger headlamp for next week.  I also was fighting off the kids' colds that they all have, and had a bad headache.  My heel also was sore for most of the run.

This was actually taken in the DAYLIGHT the day before :) 

PM: Boot camp at PowerTrain.  It was just me (again), with a substitute trainer from Hilliard.  She was pretty crappy (played on her cell mostly), but I made sure I was working hard anyway.  Mostly arms tonight.  The monitors weren't on so I have no clue how many calories I burned.

Tuesday 12/8--rest day

Wednesday 12/8--
AM: 5 miles at 5 AM with Allison L. and Meggie.  Met the girls out at Allison's house.  Overall pace: 8:37. This run was almost the exact same pace as Monday's, but I felt a lot better!  The route was a bit better lit, and I was felt better as well.  My heel didn't bother me at all after mile 2.

Allison's pretty house served as the backdrop. And I need a selfie stick!
PM: 2,000 yard swim.  I went to Worthington for the evening workout.  Ended up making up my own workout which consisted of a warm-up, a short drill set, a longer pull set, and an IM transition set.  I didn't have a ton of time so I busted this one out in 36 minutes and headed home.

Thursday 12/9--4 miles at 4:30 AM with Allison S.  Overall pace: 9:10.  We both wanted an easy run so this was absolutely perfect.  The crazy part: we also wanted more time together to hang out, so we ran at 4:30 AM and then had a Starbucks date afterwards!  I felt great on this run (zero heel issues).

Friday 12/10--rest day

Saturday 12/11--I planned on heading over to DK Fitness for CXWORX class at 7:15 AM, but I was out with two friends late on Friday night and just didn't feel like setting my alarm.  It was so nice to sleep in until 7:30 AM!  We had a super-busy day, so I didn't get a workout in at all.  Which was just fine.  Oh, I did meet Steph M. and her hubby at Lifetime Fitness for a swim lesson--I think I swam a total of 400 yards.  Not counting that!

Sunday 12/12--On the docket, a 10 mile run. I had previously signed up for the Holiday 4-miler race at Sharon Woods with my friend Tamara C. and the plan was to get her to a nice PR, but she has been nursing a knee injury.  A full race recap will follow, of course, but I ended up deciding to race it myself!  I met Felicia for 4 easy miles beforehand (pace 9:05), and then did the race at an overall pace of 7:27 (my official time was a 29:31).  Finished up with 2 miles easy at a 9:41 pace.  My heel felt great during the warmup and the race miles, but tightened up after I stopped running to recover, chat at the finish and cheer a bit before cooling down.  The cooldown miles weren't so hot.   I've been icing today and stretching--both seem to really help.  

Total running miles for the week: 24
Total cross training workouts: 2

Other miscellaneous notes:
I saw my new doctor on Friday morning.  She agrees with Dr. Bright, that my heel pain very likely is plantar fasciitis, but due to the random achiness that I get, she wants to just make sure that it's nothing else, so I have an MRI scheduled for this Wednesday morning.  This will rule out a stress fracture.  I'm 99.9% positive I do NOT have a stress fracture (as is my doctor), so I'm not too concerned with the MRI.  Dr. Dimitris said that as long as I'm not limping or changing my gait, I can continue to run, so that was good news!

On Friday my new bike shoes arrived, and my clips came in today!  I am dying to get starting on riding my sweet new-to-me bike, but I need to get it to the Trek store to be adjusted and air in the tires and such. Hopefully, next weekend my friend Tracey can come over and help set up my trainer!

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