Sunday, January 17, 2016

Training recap: 1/11-1/17

Week 6: (aka no running week, and aka no pictures week because I did all this ALONE and I don't take selfies of myself alone)

Monday 1/11: No run means I wake up early and do strength work.  Glutes for 15 minutes (PT exercises) + 25 minutes of other stuff: 4 × (25 squats, 1:00 plank, 25 crunches, 20 pushups), followed by 4 × (20 curls, 20 tricep kickbacks, 20 lat raises, 20 rows).  I also saw my PT this evening but didn't do any true exercises--just some alignment testing and stretching.

Tuesday 1/12: Up early for 45 minutes of easy cycling on the bike trainer.  It causes no pain to my leg, so why not?

Wednesday 1/13: A snow day due to the cold for me but NOT my kiddos allowed for a rare mid-morning swimming workout!  What infuriated me about this workout is that my 600 yard warm up (which consisted of 300 yards swimming & 300 yards alternating drill/swim) was the same pace as my Lifetime Indoor Tri split from two weeks ago.
600 warmup (300 swim, 300 drill/swim) 

6×150 @2:30 (all 2:05-2:09)-- 50 form, 50 build, 50 hard 
3×300 pull @4:00 (all 3:45-3:50) 
100 cooldown
I felt good during this swim.  It's swims like this one that make me wonder why I don't just give up running altogether and get back into the water.  Blah.
Thursday 1/14: Longest ride yet on the trainer.  5 min warmup, 30 min of 4' moderately hard + 1' easy, 20 min of 3' hard + 2' easy, 5 min cooldown. Watched the NY Marathon on silent and listened to my music.  Can never get enough of those amazing elites!

Friday 1/15: Short strength workout.  15 min of glute strengthening exercises followed by 15 minutes of other stuff:  
3 x (25 squats, 20 lower half squats, 25 reverse lunges with curls, 20 rows) and 3 x (1:00 plank, 2x 10 side planks with leg lifts on each side, :30 up/down planks)

Saturday 1/16: The day of the 2.5 hour pool run.  May I never have to endure this again!  (But if I do, please give me that cool 72-year-old guy treading water to talk my ear off to take away the boredom.)

Sunday 1/17: On this day, she rested :)  Because, you know, over 2 hours running in the pool and all that!

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