Saturday, January 2, 2016

Training recap: week of 12/28-1/3

Week 4:

Monday 12/28--
AM: Back to POWELL (not Dublin LOL) with Jess.  We did an easy 5 miles to start off our recovery week.  The run flew by even more quickly than usual.  Grateful it wasn't raining during the run (only before and after!).  Overall pace: 9:11.

PM: Tonight was a boot camp party at Power Train.  We had over 30 moms there!  So much fun... the workout wasn't a typical one, but I still felt like it was good.  Several friends signed up, which makes me happy, as I love workout out with others.  

Tuesday 12/29--rest day

Wednesday 12/30--4 miles with Allison, Allison and Megan before boot camp.  Took advantage of being on break this week to run AND do boot camp!  Overall pace: 9:08.  I love how I feel during boot camp if I run beforehand... it warms me up and I feel like I get a much better workout!  Boot camp was hard, as usual--mostly arm stuff!

Thursday 12/31--Met up with Amy and Jess for their normal 6 AM Thursday run (again, thankful for break so that I could do this!).  5 miles in awful freezing rain with hard wind!  Ugh!  The way out was fine, but we ran straight into the wind on the way home and had to pick up the pace to get through it. Overall pace: 8:50.

Friday 1/1--rest day

Saturday 1/2--Huge group of us (NINE!) met up at the Genoa trail for a drop-back week run of 10 miles.  3 out and back to drop off Lori (and for me to have a pit stop at UDF--eating poorly for the past few days = bad tummy issues!), and then 2 more out and back.  Most of the girls pushed the pace for the final two miles, but Tamara and Megan hung back with me so that I could keep the pace easy.  Overall pace: 9:00.  

Sunday 1/3--I will be competing in the Lifetime indoor triathlon tomorrow morning!  Excited for this one.  10 minutes of swimming, 30 minutes on a spin bike, and 20 minutes on the treadmill.  I'll be sure to blog about this one!

Total running miles for the week: 24 (plus whatever I run at the tri tomorrow)
Total cross-training workouts: 2 (plus tomorrow's triathlon)

Other miscellaneous notes:

At physical therapy on Tuesday, Jenny did another gait analysis for me.  She said that I'm heel striking less (which is a good thing), and that my cadence is still 184 (which is also a good thing).  Still pronating slightly on the right side.  Right hip/glute showed a big imbalance, ugh.  I have several exercises to do that will help with this, all of which leave me very sore!  A 14 mile run is waaaaaay easier than doing these exercises for a few minutes... but all in the name of getting stronger I suppose. I had another session with her on Thursday, and then I have two more sessions next week.  I don't really feel the iontophoresis is doing anything, so I doubt we'll continue the PT after next week.

My new Garmin came! I've used it twice, and plan on using it during the tri tomorrow.  It's big and awesome :)  I love that I can review splits on it without plugging it into my computer.  I also love the 20 hour battery life!  There is a ton I can do with it (gotta study the owner's manual I suppose).

Other big news: My bike and trainer are FINALLY set up!  My mom gave me a bike computer for Christmas, but sadly it doesn't work with my trainer.  So I'm going to return it for one that is compatible with my Garmin and is a bit cheaper actually.  Right now I am practicing learning how to clip in and out. Harder than I thought it'd be!

My bike and trainer are in our newly-renovated sun room!
Coming up this week: my first tempo run since MARCH!  Craziness... I have ran fast since then, but not a specific speed workout.  I spent a couple of hours on New Year's Eve finding appropriate speed workouts.  Most of them, I got from the McMillan running website.  It's a free site but if you pay $1.99 per month you can access a lot more, including speed workouts with the correct paces for you as an individual.  Definitely worth it to this runner, who really doesn't have a clue with speed work!

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