Sunday, February 14, 2016

Training recap: 2/8-2/14

Week 10 (halfway through training!):

Monday--AM: Jess has a cold, and with the rainy, cold morning, we agreed to hit our separate treadmills versus meeting up for a run.  I set the 'mill at 6.2 for the first 3 miles (9:31 pace), then to switch it up a bit, I did a mile at 6.3 (9:17), a mile back at 6.2, and the final mile at 6.3.  It still was incredibly boring... my gym needs better things on their TV's!  Overall pace: 9:29.

PM: Home workout consisted of: 20 minutes of glute/calf strengthening plus a 15 min circuit: 4 x (25 squats, 25 lower half squats, 20 bicep curls, 20 bicep pulses, 20 pushups).

Tuesday--Early morning ride on the trainer.  After a 5 minute warm-up, I did my favorite "reverse ladder" set: 5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5 minutes, with increased resistance on the way "up" and increased cadence on the way "down").  This is a great way to sweat in the morning!  Ended with a 5 minute cooldown.  

Wednesday--AM: I waffled between the treadmill or running outside for this run.  It was windy with a real-feel temperature of 4 degrees, and the trail was snow-covered for most of the first 3 miles, but in the end I was glad I chose outside!  Met Meggie and Allison and we kept all of the miles slower than 9:15 except for one--not bad! Overall pace: 9:29.

PM: My first "Yoga for Runners" class!  My friend Marcy is teaching this class in Westerville.  I loved it... lots of great stretches and poses just for runners.  It's a 6 week class... definitely a great way to get in the stretching that I really need!  If you can't make it to the class, this link has several of the stretches that we did.

Thursday--AM: A catch-up run with one of my favorite mama runners, Becky!  We usually meet in Worthington, the halfway point between our houses, but I was concerned about the snow-covered sidewalk and didn't want to run on busy High Street.  I ended up heading out to her house for some neighborhood loops.   Due to the cold (a real-feel temp of -6!), we started out too fast.  So, we did what Becky coined a "regressive run", with each mile a bit slower than the previous! It was still too fast, but our excuse was the freezing cold--we wanted to get warm! Overall pace: 9:13.

PM: The twins had an 1.5-hour-long evening class at the rec center, so I took the opportunity to get a swim in!  Did a long swim/pull ladder set and then a short IM set (total of 2700 yards) before settling into the jacuzzi for 15 minutes of relaxation.  Every workout needs to end that way ;)

Friday--This rest day was much needed... I love "sleeping in" until 5:25 on Fridays!  

Saturday--The projected temperatures made me question whether or not I should take this long run (Paige had 13-16 written on the plan, although for some reason I thought it was 13-15) indoors on the treadmill, or maybe postpone it until Sunday when it would be a bit warmer.  The "real feel" temp upon waking was -8 degrees.  Yeah, that's pretty damn cold.  But I knew I could handle it. I have ran in colder temps, and I know how to dress to make it tolerable.  I met Beth and Colleen at 6 AM at the Columbus Running Company store, and we ran a 6-mile loop that I'd created around Westerville.  This was my first time running with Colleen so it was nice to get to know her!  At 7 AM, Megan, Lindsay and Karen met us for a different 7-mile loop.  I loved this route--we ran along Hoover Dam, which is one of my favorite places to run (and I do it so rarely!).  It was light by then and watching the sun rise over the frozen water was pretty awesome.  We went into the CRC store to try to warm Beth up a bit after that loop, and then headed out for 2 more miles.  

All in all, I was very happy with this run.  Our overall pace was 9:29, and I managed to keep all miles at 9:15 or slower with the exception of one.  I did 6 or 7 pick-ups as well.  The best part: my GI issues were nonexistent on this run!  I planned on taking an Immodium before we ran, but we didn't have any at home so I took a few gas pills instead.  Maybe that's all I needed... or maybe it was that I only took one GU during the run.  I will keep working on the fueling strategies so I can get the best formula for me.

Sunday--Started out with 25 minutes of PT exercises (glute and calf strengthening).  I shirked this area this week--gonna do better next week!  

Hopped on the trainer and cranked out 70 minutes!   5 minute warmup, 60 minutes at a steady cadence of 88-90 rpm in gear 7, and 5 minute cooldown.   I watched the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials, and the time really flew by! 

Other miscellaneous notes:

I'm feeling good.  Each time I run, I have to remind myself to keep it easy and not stress about my calf.  If I think about it while I'm running, I end up convincing myself that it feels odd.  As long as I'm not over analyzing things, all is good!  This coming week brings my first attempt at some quicker miles,  as my long run is incorporating some almost-marathon-pace miles towards the end.   I'm excited to see how my body handles a sub-9 pace again! 

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