Sunday, March 13, 2016

Training recap (3/6-3/13)

Week 14:

Monday--AM: My normal Monday run partner, Jess, wasn't able to run this week, so I met up with Amy, Allison, Meggie, Tamara and Jennie at the rec center to get in my 6 miles.  I was worried about getting in all 6 by 5:50, so I decided to go early and do a mile solo before the others arrived.  Smart thinking on my part :)  Loved the warmer weather!  Overall pace: 9:13.

PM: Normal strength training (25 min of glutes + 20 min of other stuff like squats, push-ups, etc.).  Adding on more reps to my stair-step heel taps as well as my side plank leg-lifts--getting stronger!!!

Tuesday--Skipped my bike trainer ride for the third week in a row (just NOT feeling the 4:15/4:30 AM wake-up more than 3x a week right now!) and just did my hour-long Yoga for Runners class tonight.  I am really going to miss this class when it ends next week... it seriously is what my body is needing!!!

Wednesday--AM: On the plan was 7 miles, with 5 x 4 minute repeats at 7:45-8:00/mile (1 minute of recovery jogging between each repeat).  Met Amanda, Amy, Megan B., Megan M. and Allison for this one.  Haven't ran with Amanda in ages, so it was great to see her!  2 miles warm-up, intervals, 2 miles cool-down.  Overall pace: 8:26.  Loved loved loved wearing shorts today!!!  Only issue: (TMI) I had to GO after a couple of miles.  It made for an uncomfortable run.  Not sure what's going on as this usually doesn't happen on my shorter runs.

Thursday--AM: Becky and I planned on running up and down High Street, but the downpour at 4:30 AM led us to cancel. I was all set to hit the gym for 5 treadmill miles when Allison messaged me and asked if I wanted to meet her and Meggie to run at Hoover Dam.  It ended up being a great decision, as the rain wasn't too bad at all.  Overall pace: 9:06.  Major gastro issues again towards the end of this run... gotta figure this out. Soon.

PM: Basically the same as Monday night's strength training :)

Friday--I really, REALLY love Fridays.  Sleeping in till 5:25 is amazing when you're up at 4:15/4:30 most other days.  And my body loves not doing anything physically taxing!

Saturday--Another long run in the books!  This week called for 16-18 miles.  Allison needed to be finished by 8:30, and none of us wanted to start before 6 AM, so I opted to do 16 with her.  We needed to do one middle mile and 2 of the final 3 miles at 8:10-8:20 pace.  Splits were 8:12, 8:13 and 8:10 for those three miles; the rest of the splits were between 9:06 and 9:15 (final mile was 9:00).  Overall pace: 8:58.  The miles didn't feel bad, especially at first.  However, once again my gastro issues struck (despite taking 2 immodium pre-run), and I had to go badly starting at around mile 10-11.  Fortunately we did out-and-backs and were back at the UDF at mile 13.  Again, I really really need to figure this out.  Blah.  Also, my calves felt AH-MAZ-ING for the first several miles, but then started to get tight on and off for the final half of the run.  Half of me thinks it is purely mental... the other half of me is just waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop and my muscles to once again fail me.  It is hard to stay positive when I've been through so much to get to this point, and I'm used to bad things happening when things are going well.  Definitely need to work on this mental aspect of things as well.  I mean, when I feel good, I feel GOOD. But when I start dwelling on the what-if's, I doubt myself.

Sunday--20 minutes of glute strengthening work  plus an hour on the trainer.  Kept the ride nice and easy today (80-82 rpm) and listened to a podcast from Another Mother Runner to help the time pass by.  I am excited to get outside to ride this spring, but very nervous about riding clipped in!  Did some intensive rolling yesterday and today for my calves.  Just going to keep stretching and rolling and praying!

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