Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Challenges

One of the more popular things for running/fitness pages to do on Facebook right now is to create a monthly fitness challenge.  The challenge is posted and people who follow that page can elect to do the challenge.  Typically, the challenge involves doing some exercise (plank, sit-up, etc.) or combination of exercises every day, with a few rest days sprinkled in throughout the month.  

I haven't done a challenge before, but this month I found two that I consider do-able for me.  Do-able in that they don't take up a lot of time, and also do-able in that I don't have any races until the end of the month, so it's okay if my legs hurts a bit LOL!

Here is the first one, a plank challenge:

I actually like planks, but I have no clue how long I can do a plank for.  I am thinking I could do at least 90 seconds, but probably longer.  So this will be a good challenge for me!  Today's 20 seconds was pretty easy :)

The second one is probably going to be a bit harder... it's a squat challenge, and the numbers really get high:

I was a bit worried, but I did day 1 already, and felt just fine.  I imagine at some point I will be breaking the squats into sets... not sure if I could do 150+ squats without stopping!!!

So, I know today is a "rest day", and I really am resting, aside from these challenges... and taking my 3 youngest kiddos grocery shopping... and multiple trips to the toilet (TMI I am sure, but I have having stomach issues today)... but other than that, I rested, I promise!

Looking forward to hopefully getting back to the gym tomorrow and getting a good lifting workout in.  I haven't been in a few weeks and I miss it!

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  1. I did a squat challenge a few months ago and they got hard to do at one time!