Saturday, August 3, 2013

Running is a science

I constantly feel like I am experimenting when it comes to running.  

Chemistry, anyone?

What training plan is the best?  How fast should I run today?  Should I negative-split this run?  What pace should I choose for my race?  What should I use to fuel?  

For me, the biggest question right now is what to do post-run.  I am trying to figure out a way to alleviate my sore muscles.  I imagine every runner is sore post-run, but I would like to not hurt quite so badly.  I mean, I expect it after a long run, but not so much after a 4-5 miler.  Here is what I am currently doing after each run:

  • ice bath (okay, not every run, but almost every run)
  • compression socks (I wear them pretty much 24 hours solid following each run)
  • hot bath (again, not after every run, but pretty frequently, as they seem to help my sore shins/calves)
  • chocolate milk (supposed to help if you drink it post-run, so while I am not a fan, I down a glass after my long runs)
  • foam rolling (after every single run, and usually 2 or more times a day)

I think that's everything.  I tried some leg elevation last night after my run, but didn't really notice it helping.  What has helped the most are my compression socks and the foam rolling.  I am going to continue to try to find the right "cocktail" for me!
 For the record, I love amaretto sours.  They're the only alcoholic drink I will actually ingest!

Day 3 on both challenges.  60 squats + 30 second plank.  No complaints... yet ;)  

This week's training schedule:

Sunday: cross-training (abs and arms)

Monday: 3 easy miles followed by a few short sprint intervals (more later on that)
Tuesday: cross-training (abs and arms)
Wednesday: 6 miles (more interval training)
Thursday: rest day
Friday: cross-training (hopefully hitting the gym for some bike and machines)
Saturday: 10 nice-and-easy miles

So it should be a good week. I haven't done much speed training lately, and I miss it.  I was hitting the track weekly prior to starting this plan.  Overall, though, this is an easy-ish week.  I'm not complaining... I need some relaxing runs. 

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