Monday, July 15, 2013

And she runs again!

I was so anxious today, trying to decide if indeed I should run this evening.  I iced a few times, and went back and forth.  Finally I decided that I was going to do it.  I was elated to feel absolutely no pain whatsoever during my run!  I ran an easy 3 miles while my son had soccer practice.  There is a nice paved path that circles the fields where the practice was held, so I could keep an eye on him while I ran.  The not-so-good conditions (temperature 87, heat index of 92, dewpoint of 70) barely deterred me. I was a hot, sweaty mess when I was finished, but I didn't even care!  

I actually started out the run way too fast, which isn't typical at all for me, but I think that I was just so thrilled to be running, and pain-free to boot, that I didn't even notice my speed for the first quarter-mile or so.  I slowed it down after that.  It is so hard to hold back, though!

Now, I will say that my inner shins (right above my ankles) hurt AFTER the run.  When we got home I iced them, and then took a long hot bath soaking in epsom salt.  Felt gooooood!  Right now, it doesn't hurt so much to walk, but when I press on my inner shins it definitely hurts.  So, I won't press there!  When I had my stress fracture last summer, it definitely hurt when I ran.  Makes me think these aren't fractures... *fingers crossed* *toes too*

The next decision I have to make: do I want to commit to the TLAM: Own It plan that I posted yesterday?  It is definitely more running than I am used to.  Already, there is a tempo run tomorrow (according to the plan, that is).  I seldom if ever run two days in a row.  So I will play it by ear, I think, and see how I feel tomorrow.  I really am starting to buy into the idea of using a plan, and I have great faith in these authors in getting me to where I want to be for my half in October.  I just need to decide if I can make the commitment that the plan entails.

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