Friday, July 19, 2013

My abs need work!

Today is a cross-training day, and I wanted to focus on my core.  I found tons of videos on Youtube, but settled on this one.  At first, it seemed easy enough that I did two sets of the first two exercises.  Then I realized that these were not easy exercises, and I settled at one set of each exercise (15 repeats).  My core is definitely feeling it right now!  I am going to stick with just once through the video this time, and we'll see how I feel tomorrow. I don't want to be too sore for my 8 mile run!  This workout showed me that I really do need to work on my abs a lot more.  I don't think the sit-up challenge is really doing anything for me, so I am going to quit that one (only did two workouts anyway) and work on exercises like the ones in this video to strengthen my core. 

My legs are feeling pretty good today after yesterday's interval run.  They felt even better this afternoon after rolling and icing, so I will do those two things again tonight.  I am happy that it appears that my shin splints are at least under control for the moment.  

Starting to get a bit nervous about my next race.  It's a week from Sunday.  Another 5K... and 5K's HURT.  I am pretty sure the course is an easy one, as it's through the fairgrounds.  However, I am worried about trying to hold my pace for the entire three miles.  Right now, I am putting my goal out there as a sub-25 5K.  Wow, that would rock!  That would be a PR by 22 seconds, and since I just raced a couple of weeks ago (and truly gave it my all), it would be amazing to PR again so soon.   I figure I have to run sub-8:00 miles, as a 24:59 is an 8:03 pace.  Sub-8:00 scares me!!!  We'll see how I feel that morning... what the weather is like and such.  I think I need to take it out pretty fast, to give myself some cushion.  Maybe 7:50?  Yikes yikes yikes!  It's that number 7 that freaks me out, I think!   Gotta be confident, though!


  1. You can do it, sub 8 will be no problem for you :)

  2. I'm chasing a sub-25 too! I just can't seem to get there! Good luck and let us know how you do!