Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ready to run again

So I haven't ran in almost 60 hours.  Sad that I am counting it down LOL!  With this being an odd week after having a long run last Friday and a race on Sunday, I am finally getting to run again tomorrow morning.  My legs have been ever so grateful for the break, though.  I have read that when you race, you should take one easy day for every mile that you have raced.  I am going to count Sunday as an easy day, since I raced so early, so today would be day 3.  Guess my time is up!  Tomorrow is a 5 mile run, with the middle 3 at tempo pace.  Ouch!  Tempo runs are the hardest for me, but I know that they are the ones that help with races (especially a half marathon) the most.

As for today, I ended up having a very busy personally, and didn't get to cross-train during my twins' nap as planned.  I was still able to fit in two short core workout videos as well as my "Madonna's arms" workout.  Both core videos (Hungry Runner and Ab exercises for runners) were created specifically for runners, and I did 2 sets of 20 reps for all of the exercises that were shown.  It only took me about 15 minutes or so to do the core workouts, and 10 for the arms workout.  It wasn't as much as I wanted to do today, but heck, at least I got it in!

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