Thursday, July 25, 2013

To race or not to race, that is the question

As I sit here on the most sacred of all days, the day of rest, I am pondering whether this weekend's 5K race will happen.  There are several items to consider...

  • My son Joey, who is 8, is signed up for the kids' fun run (a 200-yard dash prior to the actual 5K).  I don't really have anyone to watch him while I run the 5K, though, so he may not go.  I don't think he will shed any tears over it, but it was supposed to be a fun morning for the two of us.
  • I want to get in my long run of 10 miles this weekend.  My friend Danielle would like to run with me on Saturday morning.  I am not sure how my body will handle running 10 miles and then racing a 5K the next morning.
  • I could possibly wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning (around 5:15 AM) and get in the 10 miles before Joe leaves for work, then use Saturday as a rest or cross-training day.  That would give me a day without running prior to the 5K.  
What it boils down to, though, is do I really want to race?  5K's are HARD.  I would much rather do a 10 mile long run than race a 5K.  You really have to push yourself the entire way, and it does hurt!  That being said, it looks to be a fun race with a fairy flat, easy course.  I need to really weigh out the pros and cons today and make a decision.  I only paid $24 for the race, so it's not like I am out a ton.  I am just wondering if I will regret not racing if I don't do it.  Decisions, decisions...

I will update tomorrow with what I have decided!

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