Friday, July 5, 2013

The DOMS have arrived (and they are unwelcome!)

I ate my words a bit early this morning.  I posted last night on one of the FB running groups that I am a part of that I felt SO great, that my legs weren't the least bit sore.  At around 5:30 AM, though, I woke up to some wonderful DOMS.  DOMS, for the uninformed, is an acronym for "delayed-onset muscle soreness".  Basically, after you run a race, you may feel sore.  That makes sense.  But if you don't feel sore, but then 24-48 hours afterwards you have trouble getting out of bed, walking up and down stairs, etc., then DOMS is the likely culprit.  Sure enough, that is what's going on with me.  

So, I have spent the day rolling my leg muscles on and off with a rolling pin because I am too cheap to invest in a foam roller like most runners use.  I had hoped to pick up a foam roller at Meijer today when I took the kids grocery shopping, but I didn't see any.  I did get a couple of handweights to use when I am doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred (as I have been using water bottles LOL).  Fleet Feet sells the rollers for $40, and that is WAY too much to spend, at least in my opinion.  I will grab one at Wal-Mart next time I am there, as I know they sell them for about half that price.

Just completed Week 5, Day 3 of the push-up challenge.  The workout ended with 50, yes FIFTY push-ups.  That's a new PR for me as far as push-ups go!  On Monday I do another "exhaustion test" where I have to do as many as I possibly can till I can do no more.  Then it's one more week of the challenge to get as close to 100 consecutive push-ups as I can.  Meanwhile, I downloaded an app for a sit-up challenge as well.  Going to add this to my M/W/F routine to start getting some core strength.  I have always been pretty good at sit-ups, so I am not as concerned as I am about the push-ups.  My arms feel like wet noodles!

Heading to the gym tonight to ride the bike (get some of that lactic acid that is built up in my legs moving on out) and lift at bit.  A running friend wants to do 7 miles tomorrow morning, and I am 95% sure I am going to join her.  I haven't ran that far since my half in May, but it's about time I start building up to some longer runs, as I have the Emerald City Quarter Marathon in about 7 weeks.  

I was going to post that I am still basking in the glow of my PR from yesterday, but I really am not.  I am already working out how I can get sub-25 for the 5K I am running at the end of the month!  Planning on even harder speed workouts at the track, and hoping the cross-training I am doing helps as well.  24-something sounds SO much better than 25-something :)

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