Sunday, July 14, 2013


I had seen the word "namaste" in conjunction with yoga classes, but really didn't know what it meant (click on the link to find out!).  Today, as I am still on a running hiatus, I looked up a website that was referenced on one of the Facebook running pages that I frequent.  This site is full of yoga videos, and they are all totally free.  I love free.  The videos range from beginner to advanced.  Since I have never partaken in a yoga class, I am clearly a beginner.  There are even videos that are specifically designed for runners.  I found one that is titled "Yoga for Runners: Injury prevention."  Bingo!  Today I cleared my mind and for about 25 minutes, simply thought about getting all of the negative energy vibes out.  I really enjoyed the video.  The stretches felt great.  I defintely felt out of my element, but I think that it was good for me to try something new.  I plan on fitting this video in once a week (hopefully on my rest day, or maybe in the evenings after a run).  

What else did I do today?  Foam rolling, which continues to feel great.  Also I finally got back to the 100 push-up challenge.  I skipped the Week 6, Day 2 workout that was scheduled for Friday, so I went back to it today.  OUCH.  A total of 213 push-ups, broken into 8 sets of approximately 20 push-ups per set, and topped off with a set of 53 push-ups.  My arms and legs were both shaking uncontrollably by the end of that last set!  Only one more workout for this challenge, then the final test.  

It really has been a difficult weekend for me.  I have been stuck inside all day today, due to a no-show by my son's caregiver.  I hate when I have to rely on others.  Maybe that is why I was a swimmer (individual sport, at least for the most part), and now I have embraced running (totally individual sport).  I typically am disappointed when I have to rely on others for things, as I have very high goals and expect the best from myself as well as from those around me.  Yes, I am a perfectionist!  It's why it has been so hard for me to not stick to my planned runs.  I truly am trying to work on this aspect of my personality, but it's been slow going.  Anyway, I am anxious for a return to normalcy tomorrow.  I am planning on running an easy 3 miles while my son has soccer practice.  I have all but committed to the Train Like a Mother: Own It plan that I referenced yesterday.  The link will connect you to the plan in its entirety, but I still think everyone should purchase the book that it comes from (Train Like a Mother).  I have only 12 weeks until the Run Like a Girl half marathon on October 5, and the plan is a 13-week plan... so at this point I will change up the plan slightly (most likely omitting week 10, but we'll see as things go).  I may even ask the authors what they think, as I will get to MEET THEM on August 7th!  Cannot wait for that day!

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