Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hey feet, are you awake down there?!

6 AM came waaaaaaaay too quickly this morning.  I really don't mind early-morning runs, though.  I suppose it is from all of the years of waking up before the sun rose to get to the pool.  In fact, I typically am up before my alarm even goes off.  

Today's run was just an easy 3 miles.  I like to rest my body before I have a race.  I tend to do well on rest (I was the same way with swimming).  Actually, I don't usually run the two days preceding a race, but I knew I wasn't going to get to run on Monday due to scheduled stuff, so I ran Sunday... and I didn't want that to be my last run before Thursday, which is why I threw in a run today.  I did make myself sprint the final 0.1 in prep for that final race for the finish!


More telling I think is the run graph:

The green is the elevation (basically a flat run--not sure why there are the two big peaks at the start, as there were no hills on this run), and the blue is my speed in minutes per mile. You can see at the end how the blue line dips down... that was my sprint :) 

The run felt good okay.  My left foot fell asleep, which is never fun.  I have this problem with my feet falling asleep.  It happens about 80% of the time.  Most of the time when it happens, it is my right foot. The last two runs, though, I have noticed it with my left foot.  When I am *trying* to keep at a slower pace, my left foot tends to be the one affected more.  I have tried so hard to fix this problem, as it is really difficult to run when you cannot feel your foot at all!  Been to a sports med doc, gotten new shoes (twice) and inserts, tried some compression therapy with my feet... sometimes I think I have found a remedy, but nothing ever consistently works :(  I was lucky at my half-marathon in May that it didn't happy, and I am praying it doesn't on Thursday!  Typically it starts around 2 miles in, so even if it does happen, at least I only have about a mile of numbness to run on. 

Busy day today--best get going!

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