Monday, July 1, 2013

Cross-training with Jillian

Today got away from me and I totally forgot to write a post.  Not that I *have* to blog daily, but I am trying my best to!

Today was a cross-training day for me.  As I mentioned, I really didn't start cross-training until this summer.  I just couldn't find time to do it during the school year.  My kids are super-busy after school and in the evenings with activities and such, and once they are in bed (around 8:30 PM), my husband and I pick up the house and then 5 days out of 7 I work on grading or lesson plans.  The other days... I run!  So other than waking up super-early (and I am already up at 5:30 to get out the door to work by 6:15), I couldn't see how I could fit in anything other than my 3 planned runs.

This summer, my goal is to cross-train twice a week.  I belong to a small gym that is about a mile from my house.  I used it for the treadmill during the long snowy Ohio winter, and I figured I could use the other equipment (bike, weights, elliptical) for my cross-training.  I have done that a few times, but I also am trying not to spend every night away from the family.  I found myself running out the door as soon as my husband would walk in from work, and I felt bad about that.  I discovered a couple of things I could do at home to cross-train, and I've been working those in during the twins' naptime.

Today I did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  The Level 1 video is on YouTube.  I like it because I can work up a sweat in my living room in less than 30 minutes, and it isn't very dancy or aerobics or anything.  Just a basic strength and cardio workout.  I have done it a few times now and I am happy with it.  The other cross-training that I am doing at home is the 100 Push-up Challenge.  I happened upon this online and found an app for it as well.  I considered myself fairly skilled at push-ups, but this challenge is really, well, challenging me!  It is HARD and I don't like it, but I can truly see the results.  Initially the program has you do an "exhaustion test", and I completed 21 push-ups.  That bumped me past the first two weeks (it is supposed to be a 6 week program).  So I actually started at week 3.  I am in the middle of my third week doing the program; today I did week 5 day 2.  I did an exhaustion test last week and I did 46 push-ups!  Not the "girly" ones (as my husband calls them), either; full-on true push-ups.  I am not sure if I will actually get to 100 by the end of the program, but I know I am getting stronger! 

Tomorrow will be my final run before my 5K on Thursday.  Planning on waking up early for an easy 3 miles before my husband has to go to work and another busy day begins.  There are so many things I need to or would like to do... gotta get a new driver's license (mine was stolen when my purse was stolen from my car, UGH), gotta go to Great Clips because they didn't take off enough when they cut Aaron's hair on Sunday (hubby took him), and the kids want to hit the library and a park.  Oh and drop off Abbie's urine sample (she has a possible UTI).  Yep, busy busy busy!  Joey has piano at 5:30 and after that I am going to drop the kids off at home with Joe and head to Fleet Feet to pick up my packet for the race!  Topping off the busy day with a girls' night out with my BFF; she's been on vacation for 3 weeks and I miss her!  G'nite all!

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