Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Arms & Abs Day

As I said yesterday, today's cross-training plan of Jillian's 30-day shred was tabled because of sore legs.  I hate when I can't follow my plan, but it is what it is.  Right now I know my legs need the ice and compression more than they need 30 minutes of jumping around. 

Instead, I did the first workout for the sit-up challenge I started.  I did 108 sit-ups on Sunday for the initial test.  The app gives you a workout every two days based on your final goal (mine being 250 consecutive sit-ups).  Today's workout honestly was pretty easy.  Total of 198 sit-ups broken into 6 sets of 22-38 sit-ups per set.  At the end, the app asks if the workout was too easy, too hard or just right, and I answered too easy.  I am interested in seeing how it alters the workout for me.

After the sit-ups, I did some easy lifting ("easy" because all I have is 5-lb. dumbbells, so I can't really lift heavy):

3x12 dumbbell curls
3x12 triceps extensions (behind the head)

3x12 standing flies (arms out)
3x12 dumbbell presses
3x12 standing flies (arms up)
3x12 bent flies (triceps)

Forgive my terminology... I really don't know/remember the proper names of these exercises!  

Icing right now, and will put on my compression socks after that.  My legs feel okay today.  Definitely better than last night!  There is a pretty good chance that my morning tempo run may be rained out... rain I can deal with, but the weather is calling for thunderstorms.  If it doesn't work out, I will be likely hitting the treadmill tomorrow night, as there is an even stronger chance for afternoon/evening storms.  Not looking forward to the "dreadmill", but tempo runs are key in a training program! 

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